A couple namely King Laius and Queen Jocasta who were childless but they really want to have one. They went to the prophet, Teiresias, who made the prophecy. The prophecy states that the child will kill his own father and marry his own mother. The child was oedipus. Oedipus was adopted and grew up in the mountains. One day Oedipus got into a quarrel with a young man who accused him that Polybus and Merope were not his true parents. He consulted the oracle at Delphi and there he learned about the horrifying prophecy. On his journey he met an old man along his way and the man insulted him and wanted to beat him up. Oedipus protected his own self and gave the man a strong blow killing him immediately. He arrived in the city of Thebes. The city was suffering a misfortune from a sphinx. Children were being fed to this monster because people couldnt solve the riddle given. It was oedipus who solved the riddle. The Thebans considered oedipus a hero for saving them. People asked him to marry their Queen who had just been widowed. They had 4 children and there was a plague in Thebes. The only way to stop it is to look for the murderer of Laius and punish him. Oedipus, as the king, promises to look for the murderer. In the course of this search for the murderer, the truth unfold little by little pointing to the fulfillment of the prophecy about Oedipus as the murderer of his own father and the husband of his own mother. In the end Jocasta commits suicide and Oedipus blinds himself for his failure to see the truth.

How terrible—to see the truth
When the truth is only pain to him who sees!
— Socrates, Oedipus The King (tr. Fagles)

After reading the story, we were astonished because it really gained our fancy. We really love the irony of it. At first, we were disgusted but after realizing the story, we found it quite interesting. We were a bit disappointed to the parents of Oedipus. I mean, is killing or hurting their own child is the right decision to avoid the prophecy? We, as humans, have control over our future. We must believe that hard work will lead us to success and there is no outside force that has control over us. Also, we have eyes yet we are blinded by the truth. Oedipus’s eyes and intelligence made him a great king of Thebes, he solved the riddle and helped the city but he is too blind to see the truth of his own life. Teiresias, a blind woman, cant see the world but can see the truth. We should accept our wrong decisions in life instead of trying to neglect it because it will only bring us pain. I am sure a lot of you will agree with us when we say a lot of you can relate to Oedipus. For sure, there have been certain moments of our past which we found ourselves trying to avoid something we don’t want to hear. Do you all agree?